Yoga Together

The Girls 067When I think of Partner Yoga I think of Yoga Together because of the building of personal relationships that results from practicing Yoga together. So what is Partner Yoga? It’s the Yoga practice that brings people together through movement. play, breath, touch and yes, intimacy. It can be practiced by ANY two people and is a great way to strengthen a relationship by fostering trust and communication. Typically Yoga is seen as a solo journey and individual experience, but the practice of Partner Yoga brings a whole new aspect of what this practice of Yoga can be.

My first experience with partner Yoga was in my teacher training ten years ago. It was one of the best experiences of my life because it brought me into an innocence and playfulness I had never felt before in my Yoga practice. I turned and laughed at my competitive nature in my practice and truly realized that Yoga, like my body, isn’t always serious or perfect. I have continued to practice Partner Yoga with friends, family and well, yes, my partner. Of course, you will feel more connected with those with whom you share the practice.

By touching, holding, stretching and observing their body language you create deeper intimacy. You begin building pathways to better listening and communicating with each other and you walk away feeling more connected to yourself. It is so fun to try poses you have done by yourself, maybe for years, and figure out together what is being experienced in the body.

I can say that Partner Yoga is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself, and I look forward to sharing Yoga Together with you.