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yoga classes in san jose ca aerial and traditional yoga classesPik Chu: Pik Chu Wong has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga. She is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor through Yoga Educational Seminars (YES) by the founder, Joyce Anue and has been certified as an Unnata Aerial Yoga instructor by the founder, Michelle Dortignac. With her 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, she truly understands the affect job stress and long hours of sitting in front of the computer have on the body. Pik Chu has a therapeutic approach to her teaching along with an emphasis on body alignment and strength. Her classes help bring about the union of the body, mind and spirit. Pik Chu is honored to be an Ambassador for Lululemon, Manduka and Art of Yoga Project. About Pik Chu Wong

yoga teachers san jose californiaLouis: Louis’ love for Yoga didn’t stem from a need to heal an emotional or physically malady.  Louis’ love for Yoga came from his love for someone, that someone who is now his wife.  His Yoga beginning was as innocent and as simple as sharing an activity that his “girl” loved.  As he started practicing Yoga his appreciation and love for the art grew, and soon he found himself attending weekly Ashtanga classes.  The regular practice of Yoga brought about transformation in his body, the Yoga flow was mesmerizing and yet challenging, and the stress from the daily grind began to ease with each deep inhale and exhale.  He believes that Yoga should be fun and also full of surprises, challenging and yet empowering, energizing and yet completely grounding, and the best part of all … you surrender to the practice and feel completely ok with it.  Louis was trained in the traditional Ashtanga style yoga at the Mount Madonna Center in Northern California.

teachers yoga classes in san jose ca aerial yoga Alice: Alice came to us with years of professional experience in the high tech industry.  Her desire to teach has always been strong, and it was through discovering the Ashtanga Primary Series that she found the right subject to teach.  With that insight, she����completed her 200-hour teacher certification with Linda McGrath at YogaSource Los Gatos in 2014 and is now a Yoga Alliance Registered teacher.  Through her own practice, she has learned that patience, foundational work, and consistency are vital to a sustainable practice.  She loves the challenge and constancy of the Ashtanga practice, and also the creative freedom of Vinyasa flow.  These two styles of yoga greatly inspire the way she teaches her class.  She believes the practice is the teacher, and the teacher is the facilitator. In her class, Alice’s aim is to help her students move forward with their practice while informing, exploring and trying new things with kind intelligence.  Her style is authentic and fun, strength and ease.  Yoga serves a different purpose for each one of us.  Always a student first, she sees yoga as a vehicle for us to learn together, to discover more of ourselves and experience the transformation this practice has to offer for each of us.

tracyTracy: Tracy fell in love with yoga during her search to find alternate ways to relieve the chronic back pain from her scoliosis. Little did she know that her whole life was going to change. She not only benefited from the physical aspects of the practice, but the subtle nuances of yoga made an even bigger impact on her life. The power of connecting the mind, body, and spirit truly changed her outlook on life and became her savior when yoga lifted her out of the darkness after she got laid off from her job. Tracy is passionate about devoting her energies toward the positives in life and embracing what is in the present moment while focusing on gratitude. This positive change in her life has sparked a passion to share yoga with others and propelled her to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Inside Out. Tracy also enjoys country dancing, bicycling, spending time with dear friends and traveling. She has raised two beautiful daughters and now loves being the parent of adult children. Tracy will get your heart pumping and your spirit glowing. Come join her for Power Vinyasa.

Jain WangJain: Jain brings passion and joy in teaching yoga to people of all ages and levels. She has a strong belief that yoga can change lives in such an amazing way. She is a student of mindfulness and is constantly striving to bring awareness into every corner of her life.  Jain completed her 200 hour certification training at Avalon Yoga Centre in Palo Alto and is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor. She has studied with some of the most gifted teachers in the bay area. One of her main areas of interest is teaching yoga for stress reduction. She has a commitment to helping people stay active and finding a more peaceful way to move through their busy lives.  Originally from England, Jain enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children and traveling together to Europe each year to spend time with her extended family. She is a real lover of animals and enjoys the experience of caring for her three cats, two goldfish and two chickens!

Nikki Smithson

Nikki:  Nikki discovered Y​oga through Bikram at a studio around the corner from her apartment ​i​n Colorado. She initially went because she loved the heat and the physical challenge. Over time, she began to notice ​so many ​changes ​beyond just her physical ​body.She began to unwind more and more ​with each Yoga class​ and discovered something she didn’t think would be possible. ​Having ​anxiety and asthma much of her life, she never thought that anything could ​calm her mind and ​allow her to ​take deeper breaths.​ When she moved back to California, she found her true love with more flow based styles and the gentler styles of ​Yoga. Nikki completed her initial 200-hour certification through Yogasource in Los Gatos. She ​then journey into the teachings of Yin Yoga, meditation, Restorative, Medical Qigong, and Kundalini yoga. She recently completed a second 200-hour energetic flow training under her mentor, Jillian Glikbarg, and went on to assist Jillian in the same training less than a year later. Nikki believes that ​Yoga truly is for everyone. Every day you step on your mat is different than the next. Yoga is ​a ​place to unwind and let go in order to ​discover your​ true ​self. The more you learn about yourself and tap into the divine light inside us all, the brighter you become each and every day.

Briant SarrisBriant: Briant took her first yoga class in 2005, after a friend suggested she try it to relive stress and anxiety. She was skeptical at first, but by her second class, she knew her life had changed forever. Not only had her mind quieted for the first time she could remember, she experienced healing benefits in every aspect of her life. In 2010, feeling this was too amazing a gift not to share with others, she completed the 200-hour teacher training at the Han Yoga Institute, specializing in both power and therapeutic yoga. Looking to deepen her practice and knowledge, she discovered aerial yoga a few years later and again fell in love. She is amazed by the way the hammock both challenges and assists students in the practice, and the power the prop has to release the body in ways traditional asana cannot. Looking to share her discovery once again, she recently completed the TYS™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Pik Chu Wong. Briant’s mission is been to convey the message that “yoga can change your life.” She would have been satisfied if just one student had “gotten it,” but she is constantly inspired as many of her students have, too, experienced transformation and told her they are now practitioners for life.

Yvonne: Yvonne LawAfter years of struggling with a chronic knee injury, Yvonne tried aerial yoga and vinyasa yoga for the first time in 2012 at The Yoga Studio. When she saw the amazing changes practicing yoga made in her life, she became hooked and never looked back. She was so inspired by how yoga was able to rebuild her body and quiet her mind that she completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in 2015; to share her love of and the benefits of aerial yoga with others, Yvonne went on to earn her certification to teach aerial yoga through the TYS™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Pik Chu. Through her strong, playful flows, Yvonne hopes to share the compassion, healing, and love of movement and music that yoga has given to her. She encourages her students to explore their personal practice and challenge their limits within the context of their own lives. Yvonne believes that by connecting to our breath, we can live the most mindful and meaningful life that we can in each moment of our individual journeys – and in doing so, empower ourselves to better serve our communities and the world.

Amber: Amber YipAmber first experienced yoga 20 years ago in her local gym, and when she walked out feeling simultaneously energized, tired, and blissed-out, she knew that yoga was going to be her thing. Since that time, she has practiced many different kinds of yoga in many different places, but it was only recently (2016) that she had the opportunity to become a teacher, finishing her 200 hr training at YogaSource in Vinyasa Flow. Amber loves movement of all types, and besides yoga her favorite things are rock-climbing, skiing, and mountain-biking with her husband, as well as aerial dance (silks and pole; not with her husband). Before she became a mom, Amber trained as a scientist and did basic cancer research for 10 years. She holds a PhD in molecular biology, which is no doubt the underlayment of her quest to understand the science of yoga as well as the art. What motivates her most of all is bringing that amazing, blissed-out yoga feeling to her friends and fellow yogis.