With TYS™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, you don’t just learn the poses. You will understand the physical and emotional effects of Aerial Yoga. You will also learn to teach Aerial Yoga safely and confidently.

The Excellence in TYS™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training lays in the depth and breadth of our knowledge. TYS™ Aerial Yoga is a slow and deep flow style that moves like the breath, rather than just linking the breath to the movement. Visit here for more information on TYS™ Aerial Yoga.  What differentiates us from other Aerial Teacher Training includes:

  • Experience. Worldwide Leader in Teacher Training.
  • Depth. Deep understanding of the physical, energetic & emotional effects of Aerial.
  • Breadth. High level of expertise from Gentle Aerial to Aerial Flow.
  • Business Side. Speaking from experience on the business side of Aerial Yoga.
  • Expertise. Our knowledge goes beyond poses to high quality professional and residential installations of aerial equipment.
  • Products: Offers a wide selection of installation hardware and Aerial Hammocks of many colors and sizes.
  • Confidence. Learn to teach instead of just learning the poses.

TYS™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Part I and Part II is very much about understanding Aerial Yoga, learning how to teach it, and confidently apply the TYS™ Aerial Yoga technique. We will spend time learning and understand the physical, energetic and emotional effects the hammock has on the practitioner. Once you understand the technique, you will begin to see the what, why and how in Aerial Yoga. You will be able to dissect poses that you see as well as creating your own aerial poses.

TYS™ Aerial Yoga technique is very intentional, practical, therapeutic and deeply rooted in traditional Yoga. The poses are less about performance and display, and more about getting the body to a healthier and stronger state. To do that, you will learn about the TYS™ 3Rs Process, and how to keep the practice balanced with the Yin/Yang Principle.

For additional information and to request for an application please email us at info@theyogastudio.biz.

I completed an 8 day (2 sessions) aerial yoga teacher training recently and it was one of the best trainings I have ever done. Pik Chu, the owner and an excellent yoga teacher, is a wonderful mentor. I highly recommend this place and I am the pickiest yoga student/teacher I know!

Thank you again for a truly life-changing experience, and for being my friend.

I am very happy with this program, which is why I continue to come back! I know that you are always working to refine the curriculum and am very appreciative!

TYS™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Part I and Part II – 100 Hour Program


Price includes tuition fees for both Part I and Part II, application fees, course materials and membership to join other alumni for information sharing.

Prerequisite: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate

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Part I of the training provides you with a deep understanding of the:

  • TYS™ 3Rs Process
  • Fundamental Modules
  • energetic (prana flow), emotional and physical effects of Aerial poses
  • benefits of TYS™ Aerial Yoga
  • proper ways to safely assist students in and out of poses
  • intelligence but simple sequencing method for a TYS™Aerial Yoga class


Part II of the training builds upon the foundation learned from Part I and continues to advance your understanding and the practice of Aerial Yoga by:

  • learning the Aerial Yin/Yang Principle
  • learning the Supplemental Modules
  • sharpening your teaching skills
  • learning the basics of rigging
  • understanding the business side of Aerial Yoga


To receive a teaching certificate, you must have completed:

    1) Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 100 hours:

    2) Pass the final written exam

    3) Successfully plan and teach a TYS™ Aerial Yoga community class

    4) Attended 100% of the training

2019 TYS Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Dates:

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training san jose


LOCATION – TYS™; Campbell and Sunnyvale, CA

The Part I and II training will be held over 3 weekends.  The dates are:

  • March 1 – 3 (3 full days)
  • March 22 – 24 (3 full days)
  • March 30 – 31 (2 full days)



LOCATION – TYS™; Campbell and Sunnyvale, CA

  • To be Announced

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TYS™ Part III Aerial Yoga Teacher Training


Price including tuition and application fees.san jose california Aerial Yoga Training

In Part I and Part II of our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, we learned about the energetic, physical and emotional impacts the hammock has on the body. We also learned about what Chakras and Bandhas have to do with Aerial. TYS™ Aerial Yoga Part III is designed to build on Part I and Part II in helping you:

      • learn how proper sequencing can help rebuild the body
      • add more flow to your classes with transitions
      • learn additional poses to help you expand or enrich your classes.


This training is great for those that completed Part I and Part II, have been teaching Aerial Yoga and are ready to dive in for more.

2018 TYS Part III Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Dates:

LOCATION – The Yoga Studio; Campbell, CA

Part III — To be announced.