There are a lot of places that offer Aerial Equipment, but The Yoga Studio is your one-stop shop for Aerial Hammocks, services and supplies.  We are proud of the hammocks, Yoga products, rigging supplies & services that we offer.

We don’t just help you shop for Aerial Hammocks or supplies.  We have the advice and expertise to help you make the right decisions for your home or studio.  We offer high-quality products that we are proud to own ourselves. We sell TYS™ Aerial Yoga Hammocks, the hardware necessary to rig them and Aerial Hammock Installation services to help you design the layout, assess the physical space, scope out the cost, install the Aerial equipment and provide ongoing maintenance service. What makes us so good in Aerial Hammock Installation is our unique combination of skills that are truly unmatched in the industry.  To know why we are so good you have to first know a little about us.

Louis paid his way through school by framing houses, & doing interior finish work. Later he owned a roofing company and calculating how much weight a roof structure can support was part of the job. He has a general contractor’s license. He was a member for 10 years, of the Los Gatos Search and Rescue team, a division of the Los Gatos Police. He was one of those guys who rides his mountain bike through the woods, searching for victims after an earthquake, fire or plane crash in the mountains, using ropes to pull himself up or lower himself down to rescue survivors.  Louis has integrated his various training and experience and applied it to aerial rigging. For fun, he likes to rock climb and teach yoga.


Pik Chu is an electrical engineer by education, and thus she tends to be more of a technical Yoga teacher. She was also in the high-tech industry as a Partner Manager, Program Manager, and Product Manager.  The engineering side of her does not allow her to compromise on her aerial equipment and class safety. She is also a teacher trainer so she sets the bar high for herself so that her teacher-students have a good example to follow.

Aerial Hammock Installation Consultation

We offer Aerial Hammock Installation Services through our experience, expertise, integrity and high level of safety standards.  Our combination of skills and experience is what make us so unique and valuable. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the talk. We sell Aerial Hammocks that we use ourselves. We know installations so well because we know what and how it will be used.Let us help you get started with Aerial Yoga with the following Services and Products!

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