Our TYS™ Gentle Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is the only Yoga based Gentle Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in the nation. This gentle training builds on top of the knowledge gained from TYS™ Aerial Yoga teacher training Part I and Part II.

TYS™ Gentle Aerial Yoga is gentler form of Aerial Yoga with the hammock hung only one foot from the floor.   The hammock being close to the floor removes the fear of being suspended and allows for much softer and gentler skin contact with the hammock.  This gentler form of flowing movement energizes the body, soothes tired muscles and releases tight areas, a great way to awaken and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

While Part I and Part II focus on bandhas and chakras, Gentle Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Part I focuses on meridians, and to continue finding the Yin and Yang balance within the body.

Prerequisite: TYS™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Part I and Part II or Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

For additional information and to request for an application please email us at info@theyogastudio.biz.

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photos taken by Kimberly Saxton-Heinrichs.

Spring 2013 Teacher Training


Price includes tuition and application fees.

2018 TYS Gentle Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Dates:



LOCATION – The Yoga Studio; Sunnyvale & Campbell, CA

DATE — May 19 – 21 (3 full days)