Welcome to our 2018 60 Day Yoga Challenge

Challenge Dates: January 15 (12:01am) – March 15 (11:59pm)

We invite you to join us in TYS’s 60 Day Yoga Challenge to #CommitToYou. Start 2018 by committing to you and your self-care, and making your physical, mental, and spiritual health a priority. When you commit to YOU, you are building a strong foundation for yourself, which will empower you to better achieve your personal goals, as well as support and serve your family, friends, community… even the world.

Don’t forget to tag us at The Yoga Studio with #tyscampbell and #CommitToYou on your social media to update us on your journey for self-care!


First Prize: The one student with the most points at the end of the challenge will win our grand prize. A drawing will be held if there is a tie for the highest points: one private class; one Manduka ProLite; one set of Yoga Tune-Up balls

Second Prize: The next five students who earned the most points will be entered into a raffle for a prize basket: one Manduka ProLite; one Manduka Yoga block; one set of Yoga Tune-Up balls

Runner-up: You can win free classes just by participating:

  • 1 free class at 30 points
  • 2 free class at 60 points


    Pick up a challenge card at the front desk. Please don’t lose your card! Earn points by attending yoga classes at TYS™ (1 point per class). Points count even for classes attended on the same day! You can earn points with other Yoga fun tasks, which are meant to supplement your yoga practice. Each task is worth one point. Each time you earn a point, add a sticker in the appropriate grid on your challenge card.