The Yoga Studio proudly presents our TYS™ or Unnata® Aerial Yoga Certified Teachers.  These Aerial Teachers from around the world are the Best of the Best!


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United States & Canada

Certified Teachers yoga instructors certification san josePik Chu Wong

Campbell, CA
Founder of TYS™ Aerial Yoga
Former Unnata® Teacher Trainer
Owner of: The Yoga Studio

Alice TrieuAlice Trieu

San Jose, CA
Teaches at: The Yoga Studio

Yvonne LawYvonne Law

SF Bay Area, CA
Teaches at: The Yoga Studio

Linh TaylorLinh Taylor

San Jose, CA
Teaches at: The Yoga Studio

Briant SarrisBriant Sarris

SF Bay Area, CA
Teaches at: The Yoga Studio

Deah Gulley Certified yoga Teachers Deah Gulley

Santa Cruz, CA
Teaches at: The Yoga Studio, Campbell, CA

NatoshaNatosha Wengreen

Santa Cruz, CA
Teaches at: The Yoga Studio

2013 AYTT 021Cesiah Tiran

SF Bay Area, CA

Victoria Popoff2Victoria Popoff

Modesto, CA
Owner of: Studio V Pilates & Fitness

Michaela PurnellMichaela Purnell

Modesto, CA
Owner of: Sukha Studios

Amy BullockAmy Bullock

Modesto, CA
Teaches at: Studio V

Alese HansenAlese Hansen

Modesto, CA
Teaches at: Studio V

Lisa JaggerLisa Jaggers

Modesto, CA

Ellen HarrisonEllen Harrison

Modesto, CA
Teaches at: Studio V

Modesto 039Amy Cornwell

Modesto, CA
Teaches at: Studio V

KristenKristen McQuaide

Visalia, CA
Owner of: The Lab

deniseDenise Head

Visalia, CA
Owner of: The Painted Elephant

Christine Lamborn

Concord, CA

Amelia Cerezo

El Granada, CA
Owner of: Mojo Yoga
(650) 868-8454

Amy CharnayAmy Charnay

Sebastopol, CA

Crissy Gory2Crissy Jory

Lake Tahoe, CA
Owner of: The Studio Lake Tahoe
(530) 517-0637

Cathy BoundsCathy Bounds

Tucson, AZ

Kris BertschKris Bertsch MSOM

El Dorado Hills, CA
Owner of: JIVA Vibrant Living Studio, LLC

ellenEllen Lovelace

San Jose, CA

Lorianna Bender2Lorianna Bender

Vallejo, CA

Karen KimKaren Kim

San Jose, CA
408 655-9077
Teaches at: Mindful Moves

Jessica CampbellJessica Campbell

Redwood City, CA
Teaches at: Poletentia

Jennifer_FongJennifer C. Fong

Los Angeles, CA
Teaches at: Polistic

Susan Bronstein

Ojai, CA
Owner of: Ojai Pilates StudiOh!

MichaelaMichaela Drageset

Costa Mesa, CA
Teaches at: Spectra Yoga, Costa Mesa, CA

Sandra Sandy Voegeli

Carmel, CA

Nikki Menda2Nikki Menda

San Jose, CA

Natalie_ SampilaNatalie Sampila

Santa Barbara, CA
Owner of: Better Days Yoga

Ondrea Lim

San Jose, CA

brienneBrienne Wasmer

Portland, OR
Teaches at: AWOL (Aerial Without Limits)

LeahLeah Christopher

Marana, AZ
Owner of: Om Yoga

Lindsey Thomas Lieneck

Austin, TX
Owner of: Yogapeutic

Therese Bailey2Therese Bailey

Milwaukee, WI
Owner of: ZenZen, LLC

Yen Yi Sue

Royal Palm Beach, FL

Candace Huang2Candace T. Huang


Holly Beitz2Holly Beitz

Walkerton, Ontario Canada
Owner of: Elements Karate Dojo and Yoga Studio

China and Korea

Hyun Jung Shin2Hyunjung Shin

Seoul, Korea
201 Woonam Neopolis, 1597-1 Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea

CandyCandy Jiang Xuan Rong蒋炫榕

TYS® Aerial Yoga Teacher
Jiang Su Province Chang Zhou, China

NuoNuo 乔曦瑶 QiaoXiyao

Beijing, China

linlinHuang Lin Lin

Beijing, China


Shen Yang. Liao Ning, China

MelodyMelody Tse Chi Kwan

Hong Kong, China

FairyFairy An Qiang

Mongolia, China

SummerSummer Bai Dan

Beijing, China

GeGeGege Wang Xing Xing

Beijing, China

qunqunQunQun An Qiang


VernaVerna Fung 冯骋迪

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


Beijing, China

BelleBelle 任艺坤 Yi Kun Ren

Inner Mongolia, China

EmmaEmma Ji Lan Dai

Jiang Su Province, Yan Cheng City, China

ChaonaZeng Chaona

Beijing, China


Beijing, China

yingyunWang Ying Yun


zhangmingYu Ming Zhang