Aerial Site Assessment

Aerial Site Assessment


Confidently start Aerial Yoga with a Site Assessment.  There is no replacement for our sound advice, experience and expertise.

The cost of a Site Assessment varies based on the size of the job and travel distance from our Campbell studio.   Please contact us to schedule an appointment, to obtain a home assessment outside of the following travel range, or for Studio Site Assessment information and pricing.

Home Site Assessments start at $69.


Product Description

Wondering if you can install Aerial hammocks in your apartment, home or studio? A quick visit from us will help answer this and other questions for you.

With an Aerial Site Assessment, we make a house call to your studio or home. During this visit we will evaluate your space and your ceiling support structure for the installation of Aerial Yoga Hammocks. We don’t just look at your ceiling structure to see if it can support your body weight. We evaluate whether the ceiling can support your body weight and the dynamic load your movement from your Aerial Yoga practice can put on the ceiling structure.

There are several pieces to the Aerial Hammock installation puzzle.  You need to make sure the ceiling structure can support the required load, how the structure may need to be modified, the construction build out, and the rigging of the Aerial Yoga Hammocks.  While we look at all aspects of your Aerial Hammock installation, sometimes advice from other experts are necessary.

From the Site Assessment, you will know if your ceiling structure meets the requirement for Aerial Yoga.  We can also let you know approximately how many hammocks the space can hold, and receive an estimate on the cost of the installation.